Alex's three children. Damon and Janelle were the first to be born, born to Maria Cross—Damon is the oldest—while "Ali" Alex Jr. has a different mother and is the youngest too. His mother is a woman that Alex has known since Jack & Jill, but started dating in Cat and Mouse named Christine Johnson. In Pop Goes the Weasel, she gives birth to Ali, while being held by Geoffrey Shaffer. She leaves Ali with Alex in Roses Are Red. In Double Cross Damon goes away to a prep school in Massachusetts called 'Crushing' and doesn't return until Cross Country. Ali, however, is not featured in Merry Christmas, Alex Cross since he is supposedly spending Christmas with his true mother, Christine, who is briefly mentioned in the book. Ava, a girl that Nana Mama finds in Kill Alex Cross and adopts, is first seen/mentioned in Kill Alex Cross where she tries to steal but is caught by Bree and Nana Mama. She returns, along with Damon and Jannie in the 19th novel in the series, Merry Christmas. Ava is sent to a housing home for orphans again sometime during the events of Alex Cross, Run, for doing drugs. At the end of the novel, she is burned alive by one of Alex's newest nemesis. Alex's deceased wife, Maria, was once pregnant with his third child, before Ali came along, but died when Maria was killed.