She was seen in James Patterson's seventh book - Violets Are Blue and in Four Blind Mice.

In the past book - Roses Are Red - Mastermind, had killed Alex's friend, Betsy and as for that, Alex wants revenge and to discover once and for all, who is Mastermind.

When Mastermind was playing on Alex 'phone jokes', he had to save the world, with some new killers, that were new aged vampires. In this murder actions, a nother female Inspector comes to Alex's life. As they were slowly knowing each other, the games were starting to be harder. After searching for new trails, Alex and Jamilla went to a magician show, but they were in work. They think, that the two magicians, that were great at their act and very scary in it, had to be the two vampire killers. When the show was over, the magicians went home, after the FBI, was slowly going after them, but what they didn't know, was that the real killers, were watching 'them'.

In a deep cover, Alex and Jamilla went to the magicians costume partie, to see if they are the ones, but unfortionately, they were killed in their room and Alex had to think of a new plan. After some days, when Alex was recovering, Jamilla went to Santa Cruiz, California, to look for some leads and went t a police station, where she found out about a house up on a hill. But when she went to a alley, two boys captured her and brought her up - house on the hill. As Alex was worried, he phones Jamilla, but she doens't answers, so he went to California and asks some policemen about the woman. 

A policeman said to him, about the woman, that was alone and that he mentioned her the house. Alex, with his crew, went up, when they discover the vampires place. When Jamilla was saved, she helps Alex capture the two vampires, but were killed in the end, along with the leader, that Alex knew.

Mastermind, was still calling Alex, saying, he will kill the next victim, he loves. Alex went to Jamilla's house, but doens't reach her, so he waited outside, in his car, when she came back from her training. A bit after that, he calls her in order, that she would stay in her house, when Alex saw something unimaginable. Alex discovers who is Mastermind and in the end, he captures him, threwing him, in the prison.

In the latest book - Four Blind Mice, Alex's and Jamilla's relationship come closer, loving each other and still searching for the killers in this serie.