Pop Goes the Weasel
Pop Goes the Weasel
Author James Patterson
Publication date 1999
Published by Little, Brown and Company
Publication Order
Preceded by
Cat and Mouse
Followed by
Roses Are Red
Pop Goes the Weasel is the fifth novel in the Alex Cross series written by James Patterson.
Pop goes the weasel (2)

Pop goes the Weasel

Plot SummaryEdit

The book begins by introducing the villain, Geoffrey Shafer. He is a well-dressed and wealthy man who lives in Kalorama, Washington, D.C. and drives a Jaguar XJ12. In the beginning, he rushes into oncoming traffic causing a commotion, before a police officer pulls him over and asks him for some identification. This is when the reader finds out he is a British Diplomat who has diplomatic immunity. As Geoffrey feels he is losing control, he decides to play a fantasy game called the Four Horseman, in which he takes on the character of Death. As the game begins, he drives to the red light district, picks up a prostitute and e-mails the other Horsemen.[1]


The Four HorsemenEdit

  • Geoffrey Shafer (The Weasel) – Death. The main villain in the book.
  • Oliver Highsmith – Conqueror. The game was originally his idea. He was in charge of the other 3 when they were stationed in Bangkok.
  • George Bayer – Famine.
  • James Whitehead – War. War Recruited Shafer into MI6. Whitehead reported to Highsmith.