The Wolf actually consists of several different people. Except for Klara Lodge, all of the individuals known as "Wolf" share common characteristics: they are Russian males of considerable height, build, strength, and athleticism, are currently mobsters in the Red Mafiya, and are former members of the Soviet Union's KGB security intelligence agency.

In The Big Bad WolfEdit

In the 9th Alex Cross novel, Pasha Sorokin is initially believed to be the Wolf. He is known by several aliases, the best known one being Ari Manning, a businessman originally from Tel Aviv and now based in Miami, Florida, who is well-connected to the community's professional athletes and politicians. Detective Cross traces Sorokin's human smuggling and sex slave ring by taking down Sorokin's associates such as Potter (Homer O. Taylor) and Sterling (Lawrence Lipton), eventually leading to Sorokin's being arrested at his Palm Beach mansion, though Sorokin denies that he is the Wolf. While Sorokin is in custody, his or the Wolf's associates have Sterling and the rest of the Lipton family in Dallas murdered. Enroute to the courthouse for his first appearance, the police convoy transporting Sorokin is ambushed. A Russian mobster, who is also known as the Wolf, blows up Sorokin with a rocket launcher to prevent the latter from betraying their organization.

In London BridgesEdit

In the 10th Alex Cross novel, the Wolf threatens to bomb New York City, London, Paris, Frankfurt and Tel Aviv if his multi-billion dollar ransom demand is not met, bombing a small town in Nevada prove his point. There are three individuals who go by the alias, The Wolf:

  1. One suspect who may be the Wolf gets facial surgery in order to elude the NYPD, but during the pursuit he gets fatally shot by Cross while attempting to jump from one rooftop to another.
  2. The second Wolf is Klara Lodge, the Czech widow of the head of Scotland Yard, Martin Lodge, who holds Cross' family hostage in order to ensure that she receives the ransom money, so she can use it to stop the other terrorist "Wolves".
  3. Cross later learns that the real Wolf is Anton Christyakov, who had been recruited by CIA Director Thomas Weir and brought out of Russia in 1990. Christyakov was transported to England to meet with agents, including Martin Lodge. Christyakov was then moved to Paris, where he was reunited with his family. However, his family was killed when their home blew up in 1994, which Christyakov blamed on the CIA. He is known to squeeze a black rubber ball his son had given him whenever he is angry or upset. When Cross finishes his meeting with Tolya Bykov, the man at or near the top of the Red Mafiya, he notices one of the bodyguards squeezing a black rubber ball. Alex chases him down and jumps into the car just as the Wolf starts the car, punching and breaking the Russian's nose. The Wolf admits defeat and congratulates Cross, committing suicide by taking a cyanide pill. Alex retrieves the ball as a trophy, telling himself that the Wolf is finally dead.[1]